Holiday homes / vacation houses

Not only in Croatia, but also all throughout the Mediterranean there is a "boom" when it comes to the construction of new holiday homes/vacation houses, especially the houses with a pool and with high end interior quality. In addition, the demand for the above mentioned types of accommodation is constantly increasing, and the investment to gained ratio is extremely favorable for the investor at a point in time when the banks' savings rates are really very low and therefore not profitable.


In our experience, "designer" houses stand out among the multitude/plethora of holiday houses/vacation houses and the newly built rural villas that are very similar in design.

"Designer houses" with their appearance incite a potential client to "click" on one of them while browsing the Internet. Thanks to its interior decoration design, such a house offers its guests a special experience with their attractively furnished ambience, precisely targeted amenities and practical solutions that are proven to contribute to a greater enjoyment of the guest.

The Habitat Studio team provides you with the service of designing and equipping your holiday home/vacation house in order for you to be as competitive in the market thanks to a long-standing experience in the segment where the customer seeks real/tangible value for his investment and knows how to grow his business in terms of added value.

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